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Gourmet Pizzas

The Spotted Dog Meatlovers

BBQ Sauce, Sliced Beef, Ham, Wood Smoked Bacon, Chicken, Chorizo, Pepperoni and Mozzarella finished with a BBQ Sauce Swirl


Super Supreme

Homemade Napoli Sauce, Wood Smoked Bacon, Ham, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Capsicum, Pineapple, Olives, Cherry Tomatoes and Mozzarella



Homemade Napoli Sauce, Ham, Pineapple and Mozzarella


Margherita (V)

Homemade Napoli Sauce, Basil, Mozzarella topped with Parmesan Cheese


Veggie (V)

Homemade Napoli Sauce, Mushroom, Spinach, Onion, Capsicum, Pumpkin, Artichokes and Mozzarella



Your Choice of Homemade Napoli Sauce or Barbeque Sauce, Pepperoni, Bacon, and Mozzarella


Turkey & Camembert

Homemade Napoli Sauce, Turkey, Wood Smoked Bacon, Camembert, Mozzarella and a Swirl of Cranberry Sauce.


BBQ Chicken Outback

BBQ Sauce, Aussie Spiced Rubbed Chicken, Mushroom, Spanish Onion, Capsicum, Wood Smoked Bacon and Mozzarella finished with a Ranch Swirl


The Middle Eastern

Hummus, Ground Lamb, Spinach, Onion, Capsicum, Pumpkin, Mozzarella topped with a Swirl of Sweet Chilli and Garlic Aioli


Beef, Bacon & Mushroom

BBQ Sauce Wood Smoked Bacon, Sliced Beef, Mushroom, Onion topped with a Swirl of Sweet Soy


Reef & Beef

Napoli Sauce, Sliced Beef, Prawns, Wood Smoked Bacon, Spanish Onion, Capsicum and Mozzarella topped with a Hollandaise Swirl, Shallots and Lemon Wedges


Pork Belly & Prawns

Thai Coconut Sauce, Pork Belly, Prawns, Onion, Capsicum, Snow Peas, Mozzarella and Fresh Chilli and Lime


Bad Boy Bundy

Bundy Red Rum BBQ Sauce, Pepperoni, Pulled Pork, Wood Smoked Bacon, Sliced Ham, Mozzarella topped with More Bundy Red Rum BBQ Sauce


Peppered Chinese Beef

Sweet Hoisin Sauce, Slice Pepper Steak, Mushroom, Onion, Capsicum, Bok choy, Mozzarella topped with Crunchy Shallots


Sizzling Sriracha Chicken

Napoli and Sriracha Sauce, Roast Chicken, Spinach, Cherry Tomato, Smoked Bacon, pineapple finished with Sriracha Sauce


All pizzas can be served on gluten-free bases & all sauces are gluten-free - add $3

Catering for all events & functions