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Pizza Breads

Cheesy Garlic
Bacon & Cheese
Olive & Parmesan

S for 2     Lg for 4
$6            $8
$8            $10
$8            $10


Traditional Italian style bruschetta on freshly baked sourdough topped with finely diced tomato, Spanish onion, fresh basil and fetta cheese with a zesty balsamic glaze. 


Trio of Dips

Fresh oven baked crispy sourdough served with three homemade dips.


Sweet Potato Wedges

Crispy sweet potato wedges with sour cream & guacamole


Off The Rocks

South Pacific oysters   |   Minimum of 3 each

Wasabi Oysters

Served on a Thai salad topped with wasabi mayonnaise and flying fish roe.

3 - $9.90
6 - $17.90
12 - $32.90


Traditional Kilpatrick oysters served with a lemon wedge.

3 - $9.90
6 - $17.90
12 - $32.90

Spotted Dog Oysters

Oysters topped with crab and aioli then grilled with parmesan cheese.

3 - $8.90
6 - $16.90
12 - $31.90


Lemon Pepper Squid x 5

Crispy fried tender calamari dusted with lemon pepper seasoning served with spotted dog house dipping sauce.


Crumbed Camembert (V) x 6

Crumbed camembert served with a smooth cranberry sauce.


Southern Style Chicken Tenders x 4

Spotted Dog's own secret spiced chicken tenders golden fried & served with garlic aioli.


Coconut Infused Tempura Prawns x 5

Coconut marinated tempura prawns with homemade spiced mango chutney.


Crumbed Mushrooms x 5

Crumbed button mushrooms stuffed with creamy camembert and a saffron and paprika aioli.


Duck Spring Rolls x 2

Slow cooked duck with coriander, cabbage and carrot wrapped in a crispy pastry with a  hoisin dipping sauce.


Hervey Bay Scallops x 5

Grilled Hervey bay scallops on a Thai slaw sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.


Pork and Prawn Gyoza x 5

Fried pork and prawn gyoza with a side of our homemade Thai sauce.


Sticky Short Ribs x 4

Marinated beef short ribs in a Tennessee bourbon BBQ sauce topped with sesame seeds. 


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